About Encaustic Tiles

Encaustic (pressed cement) tiles are hand-made today with the same methods used for over a hundred years. The coloured surface is made from natural materials including: crushed marble/granite, colour pigment & cement and the finished result is a slightly-chalky appearance when new that will wear beautifully to a silky patina. This adds character over time particularly if the viewer appreciates the ‘lived’ nature of the tiles and their 'antique' look & feel. Subtle colour variations and mottling within each tile and from tile-to-tile are normal characteristics and do not compromise the performance of the tiles, but does add to their handcrafted appeal. Our encaustic cement tiles conform to production standard TCVN 6065:1995


Encaustic tiles are available as single-colour tiles or in a range of multi-coloured patterns and can be combined together to create classic or exciting original designs. These tiles are well suited to internal floors & walls including residential kitchens & bathrooms and when correctly installed & treated, selected commercial applications.


Encaustic tiles may also be used in covered, external areas when correctly installed & treated however some colours may possibly fade over time with exposure to high levels of UV light. Using an appropriate UV-resistant sealer may assist. Consult us if your external application will be subject to regular frost conditions.